The Jia Story

Jia started with the vision of building a new industry in Guatemala where the fundamental values aligned with the founders' visions, creating a business that can provide equal opportunities and prosperity to our communities, that we can stand behind the health benefits of our products, it aligns with our care for nature and our environment. 

From humble beginnings

We aim to be the most reliable stevia producers in the world.


1st, and only, large scale organic stevia producers outside of China

1st Free Tax Zone in Guatemala

1st, and only, plant that utilized natural gas

1st, and only, fully integrated vertically and diversified supply chain
Over the years, we have quickly grown to understand the true nature of stevia and everything that comes with it better than anybody else, positioning Jia at the forefront in the industry and making us the most dependable grower and producer.

It all Started with a Vision

Jia wanted to become the leaders in the production of stevia outside of Asia. Creating innovative products that improves health and builds trust in our customers, jobs in our community and profitability for our partners.

Stevia Plantations (leaf)


Start of agricultural operations

Stevia Plantations (leaf)


First own genetic varieties of high content and resistance

Commercial Development


Latin American market development, we supply the top 3 Stevia consumers in Mexico & LATAM

Stevia Extraction


Start of industrial plant construction, finalizes this year

Step 5

Stevia Plantations (leaf)


Expansions and operational improvements

We strive to improve consumer´s health by providing natural extracts from the earth, while developing our communities with the application of science and innovation.