Close to Nature

Jia has integrated within its values clear goals and actions based off our sustainability pillars. Everything we do, every decision we take, every innovative idea we make into a reality is based on our strict sustainable principles. We honor our earth by taking care of it, giving back to it, respecting it, and learning from it, striving to make it a better place than we found it.

Leading towards a sustainable future

A Farm that
Preserves the Earth
Sustainability is one of Jias´ key pillars, something that we take very seriously and keep close to our hearts. Our mission is to leave the world in a better state than when we found it, so future generations can prevail and keep taking care of it.

We are aware that to keep our sustainability promises the way we treat the earth is what matters most. We use the latest technology and innovations to improve our practices and our key metrics whenever possible. 

As we control all of our processes we purposely design each of them to be sustainable, to echo and follow natural lifecycle, we innovate in our processing, our waste management, designing a deliberate earth conscious process caring for nature and our surroundings. 

100% Organic

We are proud to be the only large scale Organic Stevia grower and producer in the world. 

Social Accountability

We strive to foment social development and create a positive impact in our community.

Minimized Carbon Footprint

Clean energy from extraction and less transportation impact due to short distances.

Environmental Management

Jia has an environmental plan to minimize our impact from the crops to the end product.

Social Innovation

We live by what we believe, CLOSE TO EARTH, this means Jia has a deliberate plan to integrate all people and making sure we live the world and our country better than how we found it.

Hydroponic Cultivation

Hydroponic systems use less water — as much as 10 times less water — than traditional field crop watering methods because water in a hydroponic system is captured and reused, rather than allowed to run off and drain to the environment.

Flora & Fauna Preservation

We preserve the natural flora and fauna in our farms, we protect species like the Guayacán tree that are in danger of extinction.

It all begins with a Stevia seed, it´s what drives us to make a brighter, better, more sustainable tomorrow for future generations to come.