Jia Logo

Close to Earth

Close to nature, to our communities, our  team, and our clients. 


Jia means seed in Mayan.

It is a homage to our roots, our community, our land, our values & everything we stand for.

Everything starts with a seed.

With every seed, we cultivate some of the finest stevia in the world, that preserves the best of our earth with human care and innovation.
Jia Brands Stevia

With every seedling, we ignite every stevia process, into a movement, with taste and purpose.

Jia Brands Stevia

We seek to be the most reliable
stevia provider in the world.

Sustainability Matters

Jia is Zero Waste & Reducing Carbon Footprint.

Advanced Genetics

We built the largest stevia bank in the world to truly understand what makes each plant special.

Diversified Supply Chain

Jia took it upon itself to become the only vertically integrated supply chain outside of China, we have complete traceability of our production process.

Unique Taste

Since we control our Stevia´s genetics, we have perfected the taste of our product and have the capacity to modify the leafs qualities to your preference.


We utilize cutting edge agro-tech for ultimate precision down to the last detail.
Jia Brands Stevia

Because with every seed, no matter how humble its beginning, we pave the way for a better tomorrow