Quality is more than
Making a Good Product

For a decade we have been perfecting the way we care, produce, and maintain our plantations, producing unique varieties and unique tastes, providing complete traceability of what we produce.

Making the World a Sweeter Place

We improve consumers' health by providing natural extracts from the earth, while developing our communities with the application of science and innovation.
Jia is on a mission to fight health related disease through healthier eating habits around the world
Did you know
Every six seconds
1 Person dies from diabetes
1/3 of the world's population is obese or overweight
Other diseases affecting the world
Cancer, heart & cardiovascular disease

Jia provides a healthier alternative to products with high sugar content, artificial ingredients and sweeteners

Through our world-class innovation we achieved to offer solutions for sweetness based on natural ingredients, to combat so many health diseases related to poor eating habits.

By doing so, we have opened up our clients possibilities allowing them to experiment with healthier and more beneficial alternatives to produce the best products without lacking taste.

The different sweetening solutions achieve a profile complementary, or very similar to that of sugar, due to the perfect combination of different Glycosides from the leaf and combining  sweeteners, granting multiple benefits for our client and for the end consumer.  

High Quality Products

Being the first fully integrated Stevia operation, we care and trace the process from seeds to extract controlling everything with the highest standards of quality and adherence to our values. 

Portrait photo of co-founder Dan

 Unique organic leafs cared for with the strictest controls and natured to bring out the best of what the stevia leaf has to offer.

Portrait photo of co-founder Adam

We supply strategic partners with high quality leaf with the right taste and quality profile to meet their needs. We have done this for the past 6 years.


Our solutions go hand in hand with our commitment to offer naturalness and benefit to the end consumer, achieving strengthen lasting relationships that ensure our common goals, aligned values, and achieve healthier lifestyles.

Product Attributes
100% Organic
Nutrition & reduction calories
Clean & Organic label


Everything Starts from a Seed

Get control product
& sensory determination
of sweetness intensity

Preparation of unsweetened base
& applications development

Internal & external sensory panel

Shipment proposal
preparation for satisfied clients

Our developments in applications involve a process that allows optimization and obtaining better sensory results. We work with our partners and clients to find the best fitting product.

The correct use of our products and collaboration with our partners allows quick adaptations and without noticeable changes by the consumer, matching the overall profile of the target product.

We seek to partner with our clients to innovate using our core competencies complemented by their own strengths. These products offer a perfect combination of sweetness, cost in use and clean label, allowing them to achieve any objective.
We are known for our commitment to caring for every detail in our production, our traceability, and innovation that can aid us in maximizing our impact on what matters to us: nature, community, our team, and clients. 

Because with every seed, no matter how humble its beginning, we pave the way for a better tomorrow