Our Team

We believe in inclusion and are  committed to integrate all genders and people within our community.

Opportunities for all

We select staff carefully, we try to make them a role model in their community.
We take great pride in changing the lives of people and their families with sources of employment. We hand pick our team members ensuring they have the hard working attitude and values that we hold very highly at Jia.

Our team grew  closer during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We have become a strong, united family that ensures the occupational health and safety of our team.

Jia values the wellbeing of our team above anything else, we comply with current labor legislation and have a communication channel with the team to preserve ethics: ethics committee.
We believe in inclusion and are committed to integrate all genders and people within our community.
At Jia, we believe everyone is equal; therefor, we collaborate with local Universities so everyone can have a higher level education.

We give opportunities so students can apply and learn new skills, Jia’s  team, connects to other students as they see the value of  their efforts can bring  sustainable, innovative value-added products processes to market with economical, purposeful, ethical, and efficient practice.

We create development and opportunities in rural areas, not only basic jobs but scientist and high level professionals.
We work with Committee Pro-Ciegos de Guatemala, with the visually impaired where we have trained a team to help us identify the best tasting properties of our products that integrate with our clients products.
Jia Brands Stevia
We work tirelessly and consistently on Co-elevating out team, by having trainings that impact the life of our teams and their families, we constantly work on capacitating our team in relevant subjects that improve their health and life conditions.

Hygiene Training

Sanitary Measures Training

AIDS Prevention Training

Importance of Children's

Education Trainings

Jia gives an equal opportunity to all our team members, to empower them to unlock their full potential.